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Money Management: Do you need it?

Image: Financial Pic   Money Management in Trading   The stock market is nothing more than a high-maintenance, well-oiled, but unpredictable machine. Thus, it should be treated like a machine. Stock trading needs to be done in a routine, systematic manner.  Make a plan for …

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Taxes, what a mess!

Taxes are most likely to change   Taxes are on the minds of every politician in Washington these days.  In something to think about, I talked about the changes in the tax brackets that can happen if no new laws are created before the end …

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A valuable way of investing

The wrong way of investing   Investing in risky vehicles about which you have minimal knowledge is a pathway to losses.  My story may be familiar to some.  In the early 90s, I was introduced to commodities investing by a popular investor in the commodities …

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Time to prepare your tax finances!

Taxes are gonna change Taxes are now looking to get worse.  Okay, so Obama won.  This now means that your taxes in your financial situation are likely to change significantly in January whether or not any new legislation gets passed between now and the end of this …

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This budget tip should hit home big

Back to the monthly budget tips we go.  It goes without saying that one of the high cost monthly items in your budget is the restaurant bill.  I love eating out, and so does my wife.  It has been a difficult area to try to control …

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Why mutual funds are bad

Mutual fund investing used to be the best way for someone just starting out to invest money in the stock market.  Like I mentioned in a previous article, my initial stock market investing was in mutual funds, and this was a time when the number …

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